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•    Angle Edge Board
•    Edge Protector
•    Paper Edge Protector
•    End Protection Board
•    Vertical Protection Board
•    End Protectors Edge Board
•    Self Adhesive Edge Board
•    Recyclable Packaging Material
•    Stacking Strength Board
•    Protection Frame Board
•    Wrap Around Edge Board
•    U-Paper Profiles
•    U-Shape Edge Protector
•    Side Protection Board
•    Flat Board



Whether you need truckloads or small quantity, we cater to your requirements, keeping pace with the reality of today’s business scenario.


Your Phone, Fax or Email Order is always handled quickly and efficiently. Need assistance? A knowledgeable customer service representative is always available to help meet your needs, support your sales, reduce your costs and make you more competitive.

Avoid stock overloads, save money and be more competitive by ordering exactly-and only-what you need.

Our Paper Board Packaging Products are built to the Industry’s highest standards of quality and consistency, resulting in your satisfaction of getting value for your money.

We offer a variety of Packaging Products to suit any need and any budget. From Paper Cones, Cores, Tubes, Edge Protectors, Composite Containers and Packaging Drums, BPC is your one-stop solution provider.

All of our Products are recyclable and environment friendly. Most products are made of recycled materials.

BPC has been delivering world-class solutions to small, mid-size and large Companies since 1984. Our wide-ranging work experience allows us to understand your packaging challenges and provide you with cost-effective solution.

Each Industry’s needs are different, so we offer industry-specific Packaging products with virtually unlimited applications.

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